Recruiting large numbers of new employees - primarily in the areas of customer service, call centre or sales - is facilitated by CAPTain questionnaires, CAPTain pre-screening and other special tests.
Due to Captain's advanced technology, a shared feature of these tools is that they are set up in a way that they completely match the customer's organizational culture, unique needs and the competences for the specific groups of tasks and jobs. As regards tests, they are validated by testing a group of proven, successful employees.
By a differential application of these tools, you can pre-select completely inappropriate, average and outstanding applicants. With the tools' automatic and flexible features, you can also notify applicants.
This is a reliable alternative to telephone and/or first interviews, and eliminates the need for a high number of employees, costly administration, posting, and in addition, it can significantly shorten the entire procedure.
Since Captain tools can be integrated with any recruitment software and/or company administration system, they are easy to deploy, and their use is easy to learn, thus significantly enhancing the success and cost-effectiveness of recruitment for any organisation.
The solutions which can be integrated with corporate portals can increase the efficiency of managing open applications, because only the data of applicants who successfully take the "Gate Test" are entered in the system. Both the look and the content of the system can be fully customized. The evaluation of questions and responses is based on the customer’s needs, and any further changes and administration can be performed by members of the customer organisation.
If required, our colleagues can help organise the entire process and establish the best recruitment system for the customer.