Education Support

Personnel development has received more and more attention recently, and has become one of the key strategic areas within Human Resource Management. Several studies have shown that it directly affects the competitiveness of organisations. Because it is a cost- and time-intensive resource, both internal and external training courses, it is especially important to

With our tools, CAPTain Analysis, CAPTain Subjective and CAPTain 360 and with our education support methodologies, we can assist customers to:

If required, based on our several years of experience and extensive relationships, we offer our assistance as partners in recommending and selecting the appropriate training tools and trainers. Of course, we offer partnership to training consultants and institutions which wish to improve the quality and efficiency of their services with our help.

Career Planning

An increasing number of organisations realize that to retain and to motivate their employees they need career planning. If they cannot organise it as a separate module, it is advisory to implement it as part of performance analysis for all employees of the organisation. With our tools, CAPTain Analysis, CAPTain Subjective, we can provide objective information, and with the career planning interview based on these we can offer a methodology which can be learned at any management level.