Competency Analysis

In addition to or as an alternative to traditional job assessment, Captain Competency Analysis facilitates the creation of the appropriate job profile for any position.
An automatic tool, the Job Analyst System allows for the identification of key competences for a specific job. For greater objectivity, the job is assessed by an employee in the specific job, his or her manager and a person who knows the job well, most often an HR specialist. As a result of the assessments, the job profile is created. To review the profile, it is possible to test the employees in the position with CAPTain Analysis, and compare the individual(s) in the position and the result(s) in a feedback interview together with the test persons.
The entire procedure can be performed in the CAPTain Online Test System, over the Internet; the results are captured in a database or the company’s own system, from where they can be retrieved any time, e.g. during selection, performance analysis, career planning and training.
Captain’s consultants usually perform the analyses together with the customer’s specialists, which enables the customer to acquire methodological skills. As a result, later they can carry out the analysis of other or changed jobs on their own.
We offer open courses, or when the required number of participants is available, on-site courses on competency analysis. See also Education.