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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name "Captain" mean?

CAPTain is an acronym for Computer Aided Personality Testing. The name refers to the fact that the test is a reliable source of information in selection, human resource development and motivation.

What does the Captain Online test examine?

Captain Online focuses on human needs and roles; its method is based on the needs theory of EDWARDS and SCHUTZ, and the attitude and role theory of THURSTONES. The system does not assess the test subjects’ deep psychology or intelligence; it only focuses on features which are important from the aspect of work, thus fully respects human rights.

Who can evaluate test results?

Captain Online was primarily designed for corporate users. Captain Online’s users complete a special training course on the explanation and evaluation of test results. Trainees, who are usually members of the Human Resource Department, should be skilled in interviewing, and in addition, have knowledge about the different types of workplace behaviour. Captain Hungary Kft.’s consultants also assist customers in using the system.

How long does it take to complete the test?

Test subjects have to choose from 183 statement pairs; this usually takes 20 or 30 minutes. The system returns test results in a clear, tabulated format; experienced users take a few minutes to understand and process these results. Captain Online’s manual facilitate the preparation for the feedback interview with important considerations and questions.

Are feedback interviews necessary?

Test results should always be discussed with the test subject to prevent interpretation errors resulting from misunderstanding. It may happen that a specific problem has a natural explanation which is impossible to find out without discussing it with the test subject.

Can test results be manipulated?

Captain Online is an “indirect” test; test subjects cannot directly identify the tested features from the questions. This makes tampering the test results virtually impossible.

Are candidates frustrated by the computerised test?

The selection process always involves some excitement, and puts candidates under pressure. A test which is completed on a computer requires additional efforts from test subjects, but does not increase the sense of uncertainty as compared to interviews. Because the machine, instead of making decisions, provides supporting points to decision-making professionals, the humane and fair attitude of the interviewer is very important so that candidates understand the concept, the role and the necessity of the computerised test. So far no cases of refusing to take Captain Online have been reported.