The development of the first test, CAPTain Analysis started in 1982 in Sweden, under the leadership of Bertil Thernström. The development was performed by an international group of experts, which consisted of psychologists, economists, HR consultants and corporate managers. Their goal was to establish an unbiased, computerised tool which efficiently supports selection interviews. The „brain” of the system is the Microsoft SQL database management system. In 1999, we were among the first test providers to announce an online version, which allows for a fully Internet-based completion and evaluation of the surveys.

Our company's developers have continued to enhance the test both from the aspects of content and technology.

As human resource management evolved during the past 20 years and generated different requirements and tasks, our experts strived to develop new tests and services to support these, for the purposes of evaluation, career planning etc., so today we have solutions for almost every area of HR.

As required, we also offer certain proven and legally used psychological tools which are available in Hungary.