The intellectual property rights of CAPTain tests and the CAPTain Online Test System belongs to Jensen International & Co, London, UK.

In Hungary, CAPTain tests have been used since 1997. First, P & BERT Kft. as an agent acted as the Hungarian reseller of the test. After the successful adoption of the test in Hungary, the specialized consultants separated from the company, and founded Captain Hungary Kft. in 1999. Since then, our company has had the exclusive rights to sell the CAPTain Online Test System in Hungary, and it provides professional services related to the tests in the areas of Human Resource Management.

So far more than a hundred organisations of different types have conducted several 10,000 measurements with the CAPTain Online Test System. Users include a wide range of companies, such as HR departments of multinationals, executives of small businesses and enterprises, training companies, HR and organizational consultants.

In recent years we have launched development in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We continuously develop and validate the different local language versions of our tests, and ensure support for our customers and high-quality application of the tests also in these countries through our partners and their consultants trained by us.